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Lesley Jane Seymour Myrdith Leon-McCormack

It is not every day you have the opportunity to your favorite super hero. My career in fashion has been filled with the most amazing talent, artists, gifted writers and most of all women that run that world.


As an editor with no formal education or experience other than being on the set of the various prestigious publications; from Glamour, Vogue, Essence, Elle, and More Magazines, just to name a few.


I am always on the look for mentors, women that have already taken the leap and have successfully navigated their way through it and survived. When I say survive I really mean it. This industry is male dominated, and as a woman climbing the preverbal ladder, it is indeed survival of the fittest. While women's magazine may be on the forefront of every magazine stands, in my opinion it is the men that are pulling the strings, in many cases. Far too often they control the purse strings, which ultimately controls that matrix.


When I heard that one of my favorite magazines was closing or closed by the time you read this; I was disappointed to say the least. Just think More Magazine was finally one of the first magazine that talked to women my age, which allowed me to use all my brain cells, and shared stories, and experiences of women that were confident, sexy, alive and ready to live their lives.


So can you imagine my shock when I read on the Editor-In-Chief's Facebook page it was closing. I immediately messaged her and begged for an interview. As a publisher of my own magazine, I needed to know the scoop. And, as I suspected, as women we don't have control or have ownership of the very things we cherish and value, and until we start owning these things, our own media platforms, we will continue to be at the mercy of the opposite sex to tell us how we should view each other, and what to appreciate about ourselves.


Lesley Jane Seymour the Editor-In-Chief, immediately captured and held my attention, her confidence, ability to look comfortable in her own skin all while delivering a very unpopular message to the public; that women over 35 are smart, sophisticated, stylish, in control of their lives, their finances, career, are in healthy relationships with themselves, their partners and spouse, and are world travelers. Wow! Amazing.


That unwavering vision must have been a difficult task to deliver to a world 35 is considered old, and when the intelligence of a woman is a threat to a society and she is reduced to insults by either the male species and worse, by other younger women is pretty frightening. What is the impact of the closing of More Magazine, shutting down a publication that provides intelligent information to discerning global readers? How does this type of information find an outlet, what publication will smart women read on that 6 to 8 hour flight to Morocco, Egypt or Kenya?


Without hesitation, Lesley accepted my invitation to an interview in our Women In Media Meet Up: WIMM mid-town Manhattan offices in New York City. Needless to say we were over the moon. Having Lesley come to the office was like having Anna Wintour, no Michelle Obama coming to the office. SCORE.


We had a ball! While you may think to be in that position as an editor-in-chief of a magazine and running it; who has time to talk to anyone. Not the case with this brilliant woman, a first class lady. We are grateful that one of our strategic partners, Lancome graciously sent over make-up artist, De’Anna Moore to touch up our makeup. And, a little side note, that I found out Lesley is a little over 50, yet doesn't look a day over 40.


While Lesley may no longer be the Editor-In-Chief of More Magazine, she will always be much MORE to us. We will be following Lesley eagerly awaiting the next chapter of her life.


Be sure to check out our interview and follow Lesley Jane Seymour. Be sure to let her know we want MORE of Lesley, she is every woman.





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