Fun Q&A With Lesley Jane Seymour

Lesley Jane Seymour Myrdith Leon-McCormack

Forget whatever you think about how uptight or overly serious  an Editor- In- Chief might be. You haven't met Lesley Jane Seymour.   Now, don't get me wrong, Lesley takes her work very seriously, but her first priority is living life to the fullest. We thought we would have some fun and sent Lesley a couple of questions, you are going to love her responses, check out her answers and tell me she is not super cool....!


Full Name: Lesley Jane Seymour


Current Occupation: Recovering Editor in Chief


Past Occupation: Multiple Editor in Chief!


Dream Occupation: Entrepreneur! I want to be my own boss!


Your Favorite Female Super Hero:   Do not have one. Constantly inspired by real people and their spirits.


What is one super power you would want to possess: Speed up karma--when it comes back it's a bitch.


What does feminine/girl power mean to you: I have worked with women my whole life. I find the fact that we still fight each other really sad and debilitating. I believe that infighting keeps us from moving forward. It benefits men. I love men but it's time we took our rightful place next to them -- equally -- in all forms.


What inspires you: People's spirits. Look at that kid who got totally burned in the Brussels bombing speaking from his hospital bed about how others died, and how he considers himself lucky. I am constantly amazed by this power.


Who inspires you: I love women and men who support each other and are authentic and real.


What upsets you: Evil. It exists. Also stupidity. Many people in this country have been so poorly educated that they don't know the facts. This allows them to be led by demagogues and fakes. This is dangerous.


How many things left on your bucket list, is it still growing: I do everything I want to.  I believe life is short.  Act now. You never know about tomorrow.


The best advice someone ever gave you: Do what you want to do, not what others have done.


The worst advice someone ever gave you: Tame it all and hide it from the men above because they are frightened.


One word or sentence to describe you:  Unstoppable!


After 'More,' what is next for you --- What MORE do you want :   To be my own boss. I am creating an online community for the 'More' women who now have no place to meet, think, and read together.


Favorite trip you've been on: So many; been to Egypt twice before the revolution and it was mind blowing. Also loved Morocco. Also love New Orleans: everyone there is just looking for a someone to have a good time with. Very positive


Describe your wardrobe and sense of style: I know what looks good on me and what doesn't.  I have no waist: never did. I wear dresses and pants.


What message do you have for the next generation of journalists and noise-makers: There is a grave need for real journalists out there.  We can't let info-tainment take over the news cycle (see: Donald Trump).  Journalism shines a light on the darkest areas of our world.  We just need to find new outlets for it. And we need it to be pure.  We are all in trouble when politics becomes about ratings (as it has now) instead of ideas and policy. Sure the entertainment is more interesting; but countries don't stay safe because of entertainment.


Your favorite swear word:   Fuck (I'm pretty bad about this); but I like the expressiveness of it all.


What do you do when you get angry: I work out—hard.


With whom can you spend hours talking to: My kids and interesting women. As long as I'm learning something I'm happy.


Ladies go out there and be a super hero, gentlemen go out there and support a super hero (whomever she is, your mom, sister, daughter, niece, or friend.


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